Complete medal groups

Bailey Thomas War Medal and Victory Medal   Private Royal Engineers and 19th Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers.  
Bennett A.W. 14/15 star trio. Royal Warwk’s Regt. RAF
Plus research file
857 Pte – Lt 14th Batt Royal Wawk’s Regt. RFC/RAF  
Bragger L.J. 39/45 star
F & G star
War & ISM
1685010 L/Cpl R.A & R.E.  
Bray A. War & Mercantile Marine
    Merchant Navy  
Bull R G 14/15 Star Trio 4753 Pte Royal Wark's.
Regt. 10th Bn.
Cowie G. Pair plus Memorial Plaque plus photo's.
Casualty of
Ritter Max von Muller
  2/Lieut RAF  
Davies B J War & Victory 60735
Pte Monmouthshire
Regiment 1st Bn
Royal Welsh
Fusiliers 16th Bn
Dion G.F. War & Victory
201026 Sgt Linc R  
Garrett B.H. W & V plus log book and photo's with research.   Lieut RAF  
Goodale W.H. 14/15 star to Lord Strathcona’s Horse
War and Victory, Lt RAF & Memorial Cross (Canadian)
Plus Log book and two photo albums
2468 Pte- Lt Lord Strathcona’s Horse
Grindley J. MBE GV, War & Victory, Defence. With framed MBE Cert and miniatures, also photo with Chamberlain.
(WW1 & WW2)
  Spr RE  
Groves W J 14/15 Star Trio plus papers A/1888 Pte K.R.R.C. 7th Bn  
Harris F.W. 14/15 Trio, 39/45, Def & War, 36 Coronation RAF LS&GC Gv 2829 2 AC on star F/Sgt on LS&GC Sqn/Ldr RAF  
Henderson J.L. War & Vic plus MiD
with brother
Henderson T. group
  Lieut RE  
Henderson T. Hejaz Group
MC, AFC.TD, 14/15 Trio MiD, Order of Al Nahda plus miniatures.Plus wings and Hejaz narrative & research
  Captain RAF  
Hogg T W War & Victory
& silver coin
token for entry into
26273 &
Pte South Staffordshire
Regt & Notts &
Derby Regt 9th Bn
Horner J.A. W & V Pair   2/Lieut RAF  
Horton R. War & Victory.
30747 AM1 (Airman 1st. class) RAF  
Hudson W. War and Victory.
800902 Gnr R.A.  
Hughes W. War and Victory.
Kendall H.B. War & Victory.
514901 Spr RE  
King H R 14/15 Star Trio 85685 Driver RFA / RA  
Lanman A. MBE, AFC GV, QSA, 14 Trio, MiD, plus AUG/NOV clasp, and miniatures, Naval LS&GC No 13 RFC
Flt Lt RAF Cape Colony
South Africa 1901
Balloon Section in South Africa
Lewis F.A. 14/15,W,V, Plaque and wings 30289 RE Cpl RE to 2/Lieut RAF  
Manley W.T. War & Victory.
17392 Pte Worc. R.  
Meaker D.E.J GSM, CSM, 39/45, Africa Star, Italy Star, Def & War
Plus piston from brothers Hurricane KIA Battle of Britain.
(research on both)
Pte - Capt
Cpl – Sgt
Sgt - Tpr
Royal Fusiliers
Malaya & Arabian Peninsula
Malay Peninsula
Miller S. CSM, Gulf, UN, Saudi & Kuwait liberation With original release doc's E2 247387961 Cpl Queens Own Highlanders Northern Ireland, Jan-Feb 1991
Mozley R.I. War and Victory with Memorial Plaque. Full set of badges and buttons off uniform and documents.   Lt 3rd Battalion York and Lancaster, attached 36th Division M.G.C.  
Muller -
Ritter Max von
Max Joseph Order (copy) Bavaria.
Pour le Merite (Blue Max) (copy).
Bravery Medal Gold (Bavaria).
Iron Cross 1st &2nd class.
Bav. Military Order.
Hohenzollern Knights Cross with swords (should be members cross).
Luitpold Medal.
9 Years Long Service.
Bavarian Pilots Badge (12)
  Lt Bavarian (Imperial German Air Force)  
Muspratt C.J.
(Contact Roger
for password)
Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service, Police Long Service and Good Conduct.   Constable British Police Force, Bermuda Police Force, Royal Ulster Constabulary.  
Packwood H. Imperial Service Medal (with box)       LG of Monday, 14/11/1977
Perry P.D.P (miss) Imperial Service Medal (with box)       LG of Monday, 14/11/1977
Samuels H. W&V, War Wound Badge No. RAF 170 plus cap badge & photo 69859 2AM RAF  
Saunders R.L. IGS 1936 39/45, ACE, Def, War MiD, LS&GC RAF
With paperwork
562299 F/Sgt RAF North West Frontier 1936-37
Siddons V.D. MBE (mil) (copy)
DFC (copy)
14 Star & clasp (copy)
with MiD
War (un-named)
Victory (un-named)
39/45 Star
Africa Star (8th Army)
Italy Star
Defence Medal
War Medal with MiD
Order of Al Nahda
(Replica Set)
With research folder and photo’s.
Hejaz Group
Group and Log books, etc with family.
Army Chaplains Dept WW2
DFC Palestine WW1
Made up group to go with 3 other groups from "The Arabian Detachment"
Pte 1/1 North’n Yeo
Capt RAF
Northampton Yeomanary
RFC 14 Sqn
WW2 Army Chaplains Department
Sizmur G.A. ISO QE2, Coronation
(Father of Sizmur J.A.G.)
    Treasury Civil Servant  
Sizmur J.A.G. AFC GV1, 39/45,ACE, Italy & War. With log Book & London (1948) Olympics material   Flt/Lt RAF France & Germany
Stafford W.G. Hejaz group
MC, DCM, China 14/15 Trio MiD, Army LS&GC Order of Al Nahda plus miniatures
No 22 RFC Flt Lt RAF No 4 Balloon Section RE, for China medal, DCM one of 92 to RFC LS&GC one of 30 to RFC
Stent F.W Hejaz Group
MC, 14/15 Trio MiD, Order of The Rising Sun, Order of Al Nahda, Khedive's Sudan Medal 1910, Caterpillar Badge plus miniatures
  2 Lieut - Wing/Cmdr RAF Dharfur 1916
Taylor W. 14/15 Trio. Efficiency with clasp GV 39/45 Star & War plus a number of bronze & silver medals.
(WW1 & WW2)
803 & 5245068 Pte to Colour Sgt Worcestershire Regiment 7th Batt 2nd Award clasp on Efficiency
Thompson S. 14/15 Star 19th Battalion Royal Fusiliers. Unamed War & Victory, plus plaque and scroll & Vesta match box.
Casualty of Ritter Max von Muller
  Lieut RAF  
Tipton H. War & Victory 102675 Pte 2 RAF  
Tomlins R. AFM GV, Pair plus Photo & research folder 216153 Segt Mech RAF  
Tunstall H. 39/45, Def, War, plus named medal for RAF Manston   AC RAF  
Turner W.S. War & Victory
189957 AM 3 RAF  
Webster C.H. War medal
N.B. Only medal entitlement
Wight J.E Pair with research folder of father & son
Plus cigarette case
(father of Wight R.D.G.)
  Lieut RAF  
Wight R.D.G DFC, 39/45 Star, ACE Star, WM plus Documents & copy log books (4) With KIA forwarding slip and box to NoK   Flt/Lt RAF Battle of Britain
One of 25 pilots KIA on 11th August 1940 (Most pilots killed in 1 day in Battle of Britain) 12 Kills in Battle of France
Wishart G. War, Victory & Mercantile Marine.
  Lt RNR