John Eric Wight R.F.C.
Lt. J.E. Wight

Born 17th October 18 about 1890 he was the 5th son of Dr and Mrs George Wight of New Malden, Surrey.  He married Miss Ethel Currie 3rd daughter of Dr Ronald Currie of Oak Craig, Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, Scotland on 12th September 1912.  They lived with Ethel's father in Oak Craig where they had two children Morna born 4th April 1914 and Ronald Derek Gordon Wight born 8th December 1915.  (See Medals of RDG Wight.)

On 20th March 1916 he was commissioned as a 2/Lt in the Special Reserve of the Royal Flying Corps in the engineering branch.  Here the served with No's 14 and 6 Squadrons at home, No's 53, 20,46,42, and 64 in France and finally 42 Squadron again in Italy.  One of his roles was to recover and salvage aeroplanes that had crashed within reach of our lines.  On his being demobilised and transferred to the Unemployed list 24th June 1919 he went back to the family home at Skelmorlie.

In about 1923 after Ethel's father had died and their affairs at Skelmorlie were completed they moved south and eventually came to live at Richmond Lodge, 12, Park Road, Hale, Cheshire.

John Eric Wight died on Sunday 19th February 1956, his wife Ethel died the following year, leaving the daughter Morna as the sole occupier of Richmond Lodge.  I believe that at about this time Morna, who does not seem to have married, sold up and moved back to Skelmorlie as I have a Scripture Union card (Skelmorlie Branch) made out to Miss Morna Wight dated 1958.

With his medals I have a silver engraved cigarette case.  The case has his name signed in the corner on the front of the case along with the RFC Wings and the date Dec 1916 under his signature.  He was serving with 53 Squadron at the time.

The signatures and nick names, etc. include colleagues from the other squadrons he served with.  In my collection of papers I have a photograph that shows one of the names, "Dunk", as a pilot with an RE8 (nicknamed Harry Tate after a popular comedian of that time).  At this time that may have been serving with 42 Squadron in 1917.

The silver case is hallmarked Birmingham 1915.

Pair and engraved cigarette case ...

Pair and engraved cigarette case

The view below shows just a few of the many engraved names and places on the case.
Below the photograph I have listed the names, nick-names and places etc.

Photograph showing engravings on case

This is a full list of all the engravings that can be read on the case.  I can't be certain I've read or interpreted all of the engravings accurately but I've tried to group them into appropriate catagories ie. names and nick-names etc.
Also, the text in brackets does not appear on the case.  This is just a bit of extra information I have included from my research.

Nicknames ...
  • Dunk
  • Poached Eggs
  • Hornet
  • Vaseline
  • Cough
  • Mac
  • Cocoa
  • Sloc
  • Split-pin
  • Acetone
  • Names ... RAF list page(s) Comments
  • F Ellam
  • (1136)  
  • Gibson
  • H Puckle
  • (316, 1151) (Later awarded the DFC)
  • A Wilson-Appleford
  • Ferritt
  • R Clowes
  • (274, 1127)  
  • G N Goldie
  • George Thorn?
  • R H Sharp
  • (165, 1034) (Later awarded the DFC)
  • Trout (RR)
  • (627, 1702)  
  • L Patterson
  • (404, 1452)  

    Locations ...

  • Padora
  • Kinneau, 36 Rue De Rennard
  • Bill, Maison Dina
  • Venilt
  • Treviso 19-12-17
  • Ginnell, Venice

  • Squadrons ...
  • 14 Home   (Pre Nov 1915)
  • 6  Home  (Oct 1914)
  • 53 France  (Feb 1917)
  • 20 France  (Jan 1916)
  • 46 France  (August 1917)
  • 42 France  (Aug 1916)
  • 64 France  (Oct 1917)
  • 42 Italy  (Nov 1917)