Squadron Leader Brian Hugh Garrett R.A.F.

Squadron Leader Brian Hugh Garrett R.A.F.

Brian Hugh Garrett was born on the 14th February 1899, in the Sculcoates area of Kingston upon Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, according to the 1901 census.  In 1917 he lived at 'Brooklands', Upper Rushton Road, Bradford, Yorkshire.

His father was Edward Hugh Garrett and his mother was Edith N..  He attended Bradford Technical College where he was a student when he was accepted for flying training as a probationer in the Royal Flying Corps.  He appears in the Supplement to the London Gazette of 8th November 1917 as Cadet to be temporary 2nd Lt on page 11551

His military career started with his basic training at No 26 Training School on the 8th November 1917 for 6 weeks of basic training in artillery observation and on 11th December 1917 he transferred to 64 Training School for pilot training.  Training transfer card

His flying career started on 18th December 1917 when he went 'dual' on a DH 6 at RAF Harlaxton with No 64 Training School, Royal Flying Corps.  With the occasional flight in an RE 8 (Reconnaissance Experimental No 8) and BE 2 (Bleriot Experimental No 2) he passed his basic training by the 2nd March 1918.  He had a total of 42 hours 20 minutes solo and 61 hours 10 minutes in total flying time.  He had graduated on the 31st January 1918 on an RE 8 after 30 hours solo and was awarded his 'Wings'.  His certificate of competency to fly No 10264 was awarded to 20256 2/Lieut. BH Garrett.

Garrett then went to France and Flanders with the B.E.F. (British Expeditionary Force) flying with 12 Squadron RFC . Flying an RE 8 he was spotting for the artillery after first having several flights to get him accustomed to the surrounding terrain around Arras. You will see from his map of the 'Lens' region that included the Arras salient where the batteries were located, marked on the map with a spot and the battery number.

He then returned to the UK because of illness and was off for 8 weeks, eventually transferring to 31 TDS then to 7TDS, 'B' Flight of 121 Squadron RAF. His last flight appears to have been delivery of an RE 8 'in ballast' from RAF Fowlmere to RAF Wyton. He was transferred to the unemployed list on 14th March 1919 with the temporary rank of Captain or under the new ranks applicable to the RAF a Squadron Leader.

Brian Hugh Garrett was married to Miss Bouchier in the 1st quarter of 1926.  He passed away in the 3rd quarter of 1976 in Rochdale.

Log Book entries
Elementary Training Squadron
Wireless, Artillery and Signalling

  1. Buzzing - Six words per minute sending and receiving - Text tree minutes duration.
  2. Artillery Code - Written examination of six questions. "Passed" = 80% correct.
  3. Artillery Picture - Ranging three targets correctly, sending their map co-ordinates and target using artillery code and ground signals without error.
  4. Panneau Signalling - Reading miniature Panneau accurately from distance of 100 yds at rate of four words per minute.
  5. Sending on silenced key - Clearly readable tape record produced at rate of six words per minute.
  6. Air Training - Five times fully let out and wind up Aerial from machine in flight.
  7. Photography - Theory of photography and ground practice.
  8. Bomb Dropping - Theory and ground practice in Bomb Dropping and Camera Obscura.

Ground Gunnery on Lewis and Vickers machine guns. - This along with his Higher Flying Training equipped him to join the British Expeditionary Force in France and Flanders.

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