Ronald Derek Gordon Wight D.F.C. R.A.F.
Picture of Ronald Derek Gordon Wight D.F.C. R.A.F.

Ronald Derek Gordon Wight D.F.C. R.A.F.

Ronald Derek Gordon Wight was born on 8th December 1915 at Oak Craig Skelmorlie in Scotland.
He was the grandson of Dr. Ronald Currie who practiced medicine in Skelmorlie and Wemyss Bay with acceptance for many years.  His mother, Edith was Dr. Currie's youngest daughter.  His father John Eric Wight, had been a Flight Commander in the 1st World War.

The family moved to England about 1920.  There he attended Bowdon College, Cheshire; Mostyn High School, Parkgate, Wirral and Wykin School at Wellington until he attained the school leaving age.

In March 1934 he received his Commission in the Royal Air Force.
He was posted to 5 FTS, Sealand on April 3.
Wight joined 64 Squadron at Martlesham Heath on March 16 1936, remaining with it including a year in Egypt, until June 10 1938.  He was next at SHQ Staff at RAF Wittering, he was then posted to 213 Squadron there on February 7 1939, as a Flight Commander.


The Distiguished Flying Cross of R.D.G.Wight
L to R:  39/45 Star with Battle of Britain clasp, Air Crew Europe medal and War medal

The Squadron was sent to Merville on May 17 1940 to support the hard pressed squadrons in the Battle of France.

On the 19th Wight shared in the destruction of two Hs 126's and on the 20th he destroyed a Hs 126 and shared a Do 17.  The squadron withdrew on the 21st, Wight's flight going to Manston.

Over Dunkirk on the 27th he destroyed two Bf 109's on the 28th another Bf 109 and two probables, on the 30th he shared in probably destroying a Do 17 and on the 31st destroyed another two Bf 109's.

Wight was awarded the DFC on 21st June 1940. (Pictured left.)

It was about this time, June 1940, that he wrote this letter to his mother.

KIA forwarding slip


The internet pays dividends:

The letter mentioned above, was one of several that should have been with a collection of papers, letters, photographs, etc. that I acquired as a result of this web site.  I have to thank Brian West, the webmaster for 213 Squadron, who had seen my web site and the information it contained about RDG Wight.  From that a Roger Green had got in touch with both of us to inform us that he had acquired a load of papers on Wight and his family.

Here then is just a small portion of the items I have in my collection.

Wednesday 2nd May 2007 - Trip to Jersey to see the Aston Martin previously owned by Wight.  Click here to see the pictures.

Sunday 11 August 1940

Flight Commander Flt / Lt R D G Wight D F C, flying Hurricane N 2650, led "B" Flight of 213 Squadron consisting of himself, Sgt S L Butterfield D F M and Sgt E. G. Snowden into action against 61 Me 110 fighters of Gruppe 3; 15 miles South East of Portland.

Flt/Lt Wight and Sgt Butterfield were killed in this action and Sgt Snowden was forced to crash land on Lulworth ranges.  Twenty-five British pilots lost their lives on this day, the greatest loss of pilots on any day in the Battle of Britain.
For a more detailed account of events on this day .... Sunday 11 August 1940

Wight was 22.  He is buried in Cayeux-sur-Mer Communal Cemetery, France.

In May 2003 my wife and myself went to Ypres on a tour of the battlefields in our MG's. It was at this time that we took the opporunity to detour from the rest of the party to visit Cayeaux sur Mer where Flt/Lt RDG Wight DFC is interred.

The thumbnail picture shown above links to a painting by the late Geoff Bell depicting "B" Flight of 213 Sqn (3 Hurricanes) against 61 Me 110's.


Unlucky 13. Was he prophetic?

The illustration below below is part of a sketch that Wight drew of the Hawker Demon K4531 he flew with 64 Squadron.  He makes reference to the addition of 4 + 5 + 3 + 1 = 13.
As we read above, the Hawker Hurricane he was flying with 213 Squadron when he was killed on 11 August 1940 was number N2650.  2 + 6 + 5 + 0 = 13

Sketch by Wight showing that the digits of his plane number (K4531) add-up to 13 Photo of Wight in K4531.


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