Air Mechanic 2nd Class H. Samuels

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Picture of H. Samuels R.F.C.

Air Mechanic 2nd Class H. Samuels

(From Cross & Cockade vol.28 no.4 article by David J. Barnes)

Harry Samuels enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps for the duration of the First World War on 4th April 1917. His rank was Air Mechanic 2nd Class and his R.F.C. service number was 69859 and his trade was Driver (Mechanical Transport).

On the formation of the Royal Air Force on 1st April 1918 his rank was redesignated as Air Mechanic 3rd Class, R.A.F. Trade: Driver Pay 2/- (10p) per day in April 1918.

The pair are named to the R.F.C.
With reference to the naming of the medal, you may find this of interest;

The Air Ministry Weekly Order 617 of 1920 was issued specifically dealing with the British War & Victory Medals. Paragraph 9 relates to the naming of medals, as follows:

The following details will be engraved on the British War & Victory Medals in the order stated;

  1. R.A.F. Number (In the case of N.C.O.'s & Airmen).

  2. Highest Rank (Substantive, Acting or Temporary) held during the service which entitled the individual to the medal.

  3. Initials and Surname.

  4. R.A.F. (In the case of those who had no qualifying service after 1st April 1918, the title R.F.C. or R.N.A.S. will be used).

Therefore any man who was serving in an area which qualified him for both medals, on or after the formation of the R.A.F. on 1st April 1918 would have their medals engraved R.A.F.

Thus any man who had qualified for medals but had returned to England, or moved to a non-qualifying area, by 1st April 1918, would have their medals named to their former service, i.e. R.F.C. or R.N.A.S.

As Harry Samuels has the Silver War Badge (R.A.F. 170) he must have been injured and come back to England prior to 1st April 1918.

Picture of H. Samuels R.F.C. medal group.

Pair named to ...
2. A.M. H. Samuels R.F.C.
Silver War badge (R.A.F. 170)
Original brass R.F.C. cap badge.