Rogers study - I research into medals, the British naval hero William Peel, T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia), the Hejaz and also the restoration of MG TA cars
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Welcome to my study - I research into medals, the British naval hero William Peel, T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia), the Hejaz and also the restoration of MG TA cars
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Why a web site?

Since much of my work seemed to be stored in a digital format it made sense to use a PC to arrange and link items into some sort of logical order.  It soon became clear that the best way to collect and structure my research was to publish it in the form of a web site.  This also provides an opportunity to share my work with other like-minded enthusiasts.  As an ongoing project I will be expanding this site to include as much research as is practicable on both the Hejaz and medals sections.  Similarly the MG restoration area will grow as the project advances.

Welcome to my study ...

My name is Roger Bragger and this is where I carry out my research.
If you arrived here with the help of a search engine then it is likely that we share an interest in one of the following:

      Medal collecting ( mainly UK military )
      The Hejaz Expedition 1916-17
      T.E.Lawrence ( Lawrence of Arabia ) ( Click Hejaz )
      Captain Sir William Peel V.C. K.C.B
      MG TA sports car and restoration

My interest in the life of Captain Sir William Peel, the Hejaz Expedition and therefore T.E.Lawrence has come about over the last 15 years during which time my research has returned much information particularly on the subject of medals.  I have in my collection original documents and medals relating to the Hejaz Expedition some of which are illustrated on the Hejaz section.
I have given talks on the Hejaz, William Peel and other medal groups in my collection but not as yet on the MG's.  However as I re-assemble the car, who knows I may know enough to give a talk on that, if only for others to find out how not to do it!

Since compiling this web site I have now given talks on MG restoration and as I said in the previous sentence 'how not to do it' springs to mind.  I have now nearly finished the restoration and look forward to driving it up to the previous owner of 'Rosy' to show her what 8 years, a tin of polish and plenty of elbow grease can achieve.

Medal collecting ( mainly UK military )

Medals are awarded for campaign service, long service, loyalty, accomplishment, acts of bravery and heroism, and are interesting not simply as objects but as symbols of these qualities.  For me the interest and knowledge gained from researching the recipients is far more rewarding than the discovery of the medal itself, especially when it is realised that a medal may be all that remains to remind us of a persons life on this Earth!

The Hejaz 1916-17

Interest in the Hejaz and therefore the Order of Al Nahda ( Nahada ) and the connection with Lawrence of Arabia comes from possessing the medal groups to the five men who were awarded the Order of Nahda ( Nahada ) from the "Arabian Detachment" or "C" Flight of 14 Squadron.

Pages describing the Arab revolt and the Hejaz Railway medal are included in this section plus an in-depth article by Peter Wright entitled Lawrence's Air Force.  This tells the story of "C" Flight of 14 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps that had been sent to the Hejaz at Captain Lawrence's request to assist in the Arab Revolt.

Captain Sir William Peel V.C. K.C.B

Interest in William Peel has come about from being a committee member of the Peel Society and from a visit to Tamworth town hall.  On the wall was an oil painting of William Peel VC and out of curiosity I did a little research into him.  As I am interested in orders and medals when I found that he had been awarded the Victoria Cross, effectively three times over in the Crimean War, I naturally researched him and found him to be one of Great Britain's Naval heroes.
His medal group:  Victoria Cross, Naval General Service Medal (NGS), Crimea medal, Mutiny medal, Order of Medjidjie, Legion of Honour, Al Valore Militare and St Jean D'Acre.

MG TA sports car and restoration.

Since the age of 17 I have been interested in cars, but in particular the MG sports cars.  However my first car was not an MG but a Mk 2 Ford Zodiac.  This was bought, taxed and insured for me by my father and all I had to do was put in the petrol.  Years later I was presented with the opportunity of buying a fully restored MG TA from Ken Williams.
I am now in the process of stripping, re-building and restoring a second TA that my wife has already named "Rosy".

Research accuracy

While I take care to ensure that information on the site is accurate it is not always possible to obtain independent verification of all details.  Opinions sometimes vary regarding points of detail and in those cases verification is virtually impossible.  If anyone would like to make suggestions regarding corrections that may be required I would be pleased to receive them.  Similarly, I would be pleased to hear from any visitor wishing to contribute additional information.  This may be on any subject (MG, Hejaz or Peel) but I am especially interested to hear from people doing research into ancestors or relatives.