A few browsing tips ...

A few ideas to make web browsing a bit easier.

But first I should point out there are many so called shortcuts that provide alternative ways of doing things that can be done just as well by clicking a mouse.  Many of them involve - first of all remembering what they all are (as if we didn't have enough to remember), and then you have to take one hand off your mouse in order to press two keys together.  However there are just three that I think are perhaps are worth a try.  The first does involve using two hands ... sorry!

Try them now on this page.

  1. Some of you may have noticed that when you "update" from a CRT monitor to a larger flat screen device, contrary to expectations, everthing seems to be smaller, especially the text on web pages.  This can be overcome quite simply if you are using IE7. Hold the Ctrl key while pressing the + or - buttons to zoom the whole page in or out.
    This works to some degree on Firefox but only the text is enlarged.

  2. To make a web page fill more (or less) of the screen press the F11 key to toggle the screen in and out of full-screen mode. This works on IE and Firefox.

  3. Rather than using the scrollbar to scroll back to the top of a long page try using the "Home" button to go straight to the top.  The "End" button can similarly be used to go directly to the bottom of a page. This works on IE and Firefox.

Now press the "Home" key to return to the top of the page.