Rosy - The introduction
In garage

Debris from the roof.

The car was purchased from the wife of the last owner, David Harrison in April 2001.  It had stood in their garage for 24 years and 7 years at their previous address in Bristol.

It had been "garaged" because of a problem with its waterworks, it was the water-pump they believed, so it was put in the garage to have this problem remedied but David never had time to get round to it!  He then left it promising to rebuild the car completely when he retired, unfortunately he never lived to carry it out.  I have therefore taken up the challenge!

Second time out in 31 years

As you can see from the photographs a certain amount of debris had fallen on the car during its period of storage, including the chip-board lining of the roof.

When we came to remove it out of the garage all of the tyres were naturally flat, however, much to our amazement they did inflate, and as the car had been left in neutral and the hand-brake off it moved out of the garage and down the drive for the second time in 31 years.