Rosy, fame at last!

Fame for Rosy

In the October edition of the Practical Classics magazine there is an article about the buying guide on what to look for when buying a car for restoration.  Vicky Dredge of Practical Classics was looking for a T series to have photographed to illustrate the article.  Vicky got in touch with the T register and asked if there was a presentable T type in the Derby area?  Brian Rainbow suggested Rosy as she had recently been rebuilt, so I was contacted and arrangements were made to go to the studio of John Colley in Derby.  So one day in July I headed north to Derby for the photo'shoot.

I was met by John Colley and we set about getting Rosy into the studio to start the session, after several shots were set we were finished and you can see the results here and in the October edition of the magazine.