Flivver becomes famous

About two years ago I was asked if my car could have some photographs taken of it for possible inclusion in a new book. The book was to be called MG T Series In Detail 1935-55 and the author was to be Paddy Wilmer.

Flivver was on the front cover.

The photographer, Simon Clay, arranged to come up, from Bournemouth to visit me and take the required photographs.  I thought at the time it was a long way to come to take a couple of pictures and told him so.  He however was not fazed by the idea of driving up to Tamworth to take a couple of photographs, he had been informed that my TA was as close to an original one you could get, so a date and time was arranged.

Simon turned up at the arranged time and the weather was not too kind, it was cold, wet and raining intermittently.  I had thought a couple of photographs, how wrong I was, Simon was here for about four hours photographing every detail of the car, including some I would not have dreamt of.

Some eighteen months later the book was published and Flivver was on the front cover, fame for Flivver at last, but, not only the front cover practically all the photographs on the first chapter on the TA model were all of my car.  I now understand why he spent about four hours photographing the car.

If anyone is interested in purchasing the book its IBN number is: 0-9541063-6-9 or order it from the publishers Herridge and Sons email info@herridgeandsons.com Price 35.