Flivver goes to Europe
Flivver arrives in Europe.

The first time we took Flivver to the continent.

What does "Einbahnstrasse" mean?
The Germans are nice ... they are all waving to us.

Why are they all driving in the wrong direction?

Flivver parked facing wrong way!
Big oil problem?

Can you believe it!
They actually think this is big enough to catch the oil from my car!

With rally plates in position.
My wife, Fran, drove all the way to Berlin and back.  I wasn't able to drive on that occasion due to having had an operation on my left foot and the stitches were only removed on the morning we left England.

Fran drives the car.
Third prize in the MG Logo competition

Posthotel meeting in Belgium at the end of may/start of June 2002.
Third prize in the MG Logo competition - to re-create the MG logo using "original materials" (waste-not want-not).  I had two punctures in two days.  The first one shredded the tube and scrapped it!  (Always carry a spare tube!)  I had kept the remains of the tube so I cut these and placed them to resemble the MG logo.
The judges had to agree this was using original MG material.