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'C' Flight's raid on the Turkish camp at El Ghayir
Aerial shot of 'C' Flight's raid on the Turkish camp at El Ghayir. After this attack, the enemy withdrew from the camp.
Capt Thomas Henderson
Capt Thomas Henderson does a 'Lawrence of Arabia'!
Emir Feisal
Emir Feisal is driven in an RFC Crossley tender to a desert meeting with some of his tribesmen.
Officers of The Arabian Detachment
Some officers of The Arabian Detachment, otherwise 'C'Flight, 14 Sqn RFC.  Back row, l to r: Lt D.B. Aitken (O), 2Lt V.D. Siddons (P), 2Lt W.G. Stafford (EO),2Lt J.M. Watson (O), 2Lt J.D. Renfrew (O). Front row, l to r: Lt W.L. Fenwick (P), Capt T. Henderson (P), Capt F.W. Stent CO (P), Capt W.N. Montgomery RAMC (MO), Capt F.H.V. Bevan (P).
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