2-8-0 goods locomotive

The following is taken from an Article published in "The Locomotive Magazine" Volume XVII January to December 1911.

2-8-0 Goods Locomotive, Hejaz Ry.

We illustrate herewith one of a series of thirty 2-8-0 goods locomotives built in 1908 by the firm of Arnold Jung, of Jungenthal bet Kirchen, for the above-mentioned system.  It is of a somewhat unusual design, the leading wheels being placed in the rear of the cylinders, thus giving a comparatively short wheel base for a ten wheeled engine.  It has the following leading dimensions:  cylinders 16.5in. diameter by 19.6875in. stroke; diameter of leading wheels 2ft. 4.75in., and of eight-coupled driving wheels 3ft. 4.9375in., wheelbase: rigid 7ft. 2.625in., coupled axles 10ft. 11.25in., and total 14ft. 3in., working pressure of boiler 175 lb. per sq. in., total heating surface 1,435 sq. ft., grate area 17.8 sq. ft; weight of engine empty 40 tons, and in working order 46 tons.  The tender is of the double-bogie type, and has a capacity for 3,960 gallons of water and 5 tons of coal; it weighs 17 tons empty and 40 tons when full.  The gauge of the railway is 3ft. 5.375in.

We are indebted to Messrs. J. Silversteen & Co. of 147, Cannon Street, London, E.C. who are the British representatives of the builders, for the photograph and particulars here reproduced.  It may be noted that a number of 2-6-0 passenger engines of somewhat similar design to the goods engine here illustrated have been supplied to the same railway, and among recent contracts the builders are constructing 27 locomotives for the Roumanian State Rys.

2-8-0 Goods Locomotive, Hejaz Ry, (Asia Minor)