The Hejaz Railway - Hadia station

The locations of stations between Medina and Damascus are shown on this map.

Hadia station

The following text and photographs are taken from the website at  The photographs were provided to that site by Steve Turpin.

The Hadiyah Station was a major stopping point for trains on the Hejaz Railway.  The Station area comprises of black basalt buildings though the blockhouse has red sandstone edging.  The blockhouse is the two-storey type, standard for this area, and there is another single story building alongside the railway track.  Between the two is a twin water tower that has no additional protection probably because the numerous hilltop defences proved effective.  On a siding opposite the blockhouse, running perpendicular to the main track is a train lying on its side comprising an 0-6-0 T No 17 engine.  This train was standing in 1987 and it is assumed it was tipped over to reuse the track and sleepers beneath it.  Additionally there are two covered carriages a coal/water tender and four flatbeds.  In the same siding is a further flatbed.  On a siding running alongside the main track, south of the blockhouse, are the remains of six covered carriages and one covered freight car.  At each end of the station complex is a water hose mounted on a crane for filling engines and water tenders.  Behind the blockhouse is evidence of extensive ruins though I cannot tell what they were, presumably railway buildings and barrack accommodation for the large garrison based here.  The numerous hill fortifications and the lack of additional protection around the station is consistent with the claim that up to eleven hundred soldiers were barracked here during World War 1.