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Apr 23, 2018 at 12:21:38David Donaldson (
Roger::I wonder if you'll be able to identify a medal for me. I recently received a couple of photographs depicting the obverse and reverse of my grandfather's medals (3 from WW1 and 2 from WW2) from my sister. The 3 WW1 medals and one of the WW2 medals were easy to identify. The last one is proving tricky as it was awarded for his service in the South African military.::::I'll attempt to describe the medal for you:::::The obverse has the continent of Africa (without Madagascar) depicted on it with what looks like engravings of some sort on top of Africa. The words "AFRICA SERVICE MEDAL AFRIKADIENS MEDALJE" raised around the edge of the medal.::::The reverse has an antelope (presumably a Springbok) jumping with a landscape scene depicted behind the antelope.::::I cannot see if there is any engraving around the edge of the medal.::::I will be more than willing to send you the photos I have in my possession, should you require them to identify the medals.::::I look forward to hearing from you soon.::::Regards::::David Donaldson